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Isdin Eryfotona AK-NMSC Fluid SPF 100

Isdin Eryfotona AK-NMSC Fluid SPF 100

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This cream prevents the appearance of actinic damage and favors its recovery. 


Isdin Eryfotona AK-NMSC Fluid SPF 100

This cream prevents the appearance of actinic damage and favors its recovery. Actinic damage is caused by the action of the sun on unprotected skin for many years. This can lead to skin problems that can manifest in a mild way, in the form of a wrinkle or spot, or in a severe way, with raised spots, itching and flaking (actinic keratoses). If these lesions are not treated properly with products such as Eryfotona Isdin, they can lead to non-melanoma skin cancer. This product works by reducing the field of cancer.

It is indicated for people who have received treatment for actinic keratosis or non-melanoma skin cancer and who want to prevent its recurrence. For people who have or have had raised, scaly or itchy actinic spots. For people who have a history of non-melanoma skin cancer in your family.


It is applied to the affected area and to areas at risk from sun exposure, such as the face, décolleté or the back of the hands. It is applied twice a day, one in the morning and another at noon.

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