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Neutrogena Nose and Lip Balm Jar 15ml

Neutrogena Nose and Lip Balm Jar 15ml


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Neutrogena Nose and lip balm. Helps to repair the mucosa of the nose and damaged lips.


Effectively treat dry lips using Neutrogena Nose and Lip Balm Jar 15ml

Balm solution made with highly moisturizing ingredients to regenerate the condition of the skin of the lips and nose.

Neutrogena Nose and Lip Balm Jar 15ml has been prepared as a smooth and unctuous solution, perfect to be used both on dry lips, as well as on those that are even cracked. Not only can we use it on the lips, but we can also use it to regenerate the state of the nose, which will be ideal in periods of colds characterized by the continued use of handkerchiefs, which dehydrate and irritate the skin to a great extent. The success of its good ones lies in its composition in which we find, among other principles, beeswax. It is hypoallergenic.

Who is it suitable for?

It is indicated for those who wish to repair the condition of the skin on the lips and nose.

How does it apply?

Use whenever needed spreading it on the lips or on the nose.

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