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First aid kit

Extra strong anti-mosquito repellent spray, indicated above all for extreme conditions. Effective against the mosquito that transmits the Zika virus.
First aid kit


Relieves itching and soothes the skin. Roll-on for bites that relieve itching, refresh and calm the skin against irritations caused by insects or plants. Contains glycerin and mint. Suitable for children and adults.
Hansaplast children's dressings, decorated with drawings of Frozen, protect wounds against dirt and bacteria. They are made of flexible, plastic, breathable, harmless and lightweight material.
Thanks to its formulation, it helps to eliminate athlete's foot fungus, to relieve insect bites and as an antiseptic in wounds with pus, cuts and scratches.
This repellent spray is indicated to prevent the occurrence of mosquito and insect bites in areas that are subjected to extreme conditions.
First aid kit

ISDIN Insect repellent spray

Insect repellent spray for the whole family Isdin Spray mosquito repellent is an effective insect repellent for the whole family.

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