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The pharmacy with the best pharmaceutical service in Denia.

The Brines Pharmacy’s history goes back to 1981, when José Brines, a pharmacy graduate, moved to a small village in Teruel with just 500 inhabitants. There, he embarked on his adventure by opening a modest rural pharmacy with a friendly service. Seven years later, he had the chance to move to Denia and, on Calle Diana, he found the perfect place to continue pursuing his career and passion, but now closer to home.

José Brines took over that old pharmacy with many years of history and, with the help of his team, worked to offer the best service and care to patients. In 2004, that much-loved pharmacy had become too small to meet the needs and requirements of its patients, as the population was growing and the concept of pharmacies was changing. In order to offer the best pharmaceutical service and a higher number of products and extend its range to the cosmetic, infant, orthopaedic, nutrition and hygiene sectors, José Brines moved his pharmacy from Calle Diana to Parque Chabás. There, with larger and more modern premises and always surrounded by a great team of professionals, José Brines’ pharmacy continued to evolve and grow until, in 2009, he decided to take a further risk by expanding the premises. So the pharmacy doubled in size, providing a new entrance on Avenida Joan Fuster and with more than 300 m2 of space. This also allowed us to increase and improve our range of products and services for our patients.

In 2014, after many years of hard work and dedication in the pharmaceutical sector, José Brines made way for the next generation, his daughters Rita and Paula Brines. Rita, a pharmacist with a PhD in pharmacology and Paula, with a degree in pharmacy. We, proud of our father’s achievements and thrilled to be continuing the family business, focus our efforts on offering the most comprehensive and friendly service to our patients.We are always supported by a team of the most highly qualified pharmacists and pharmacy assistants and follow the examples and advice of our most experienced pharmacist, our father.

Specialist services

Pharmaceutical care

We specialise in medicines, so we want to answer all of your questions about their use, any possible interactions, their dosage, adverse reactions, etc. We are pleased that we are able to keep track of your medicine to avoid any related problems and to offer you the best education on health.

Cosmetic skincare

We have a wide range of cosmetic skincare products and a great team of professionals who will offer you expert advice, to allow you to find the most suitable products for your skin. You can find brands like Filorga, Apivita, Sesderma, la Roche Posay, Isdin, Eucerin, Avène, Be+, Babe, Vichy, Martiderm, Bioderma and Heliocare, among many others.

Diet and nutrition

Society is currently highly aware of the importance of eating well, so we are pleased that we are able to offer you the best advice and suitable products to meet your nutritional needs in each case. We have an expert in nutrition and diets. You can visit her office in our pharmacy to lose weight, learn what the best diet is for certain conditions such as diabetes, obtain a full diet for athletes, etc. All that you have to do is book an appointment in our pharmacy. Increasingly popular natural products are more effective and provide fewer problems with adverse reactions, as well as being environmentally friendly. We are experts in products with medicinal and natural plants because we are fully trained and work with leading brands.


You can order any orthopaedic aids you need and receive guidance from our professionals.

Biochemical tests: cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar

With just a drop of blood, in two minutes you can find out your blood sugar, cholesterol and triglyceride levels thanks to Roche Diagnostics’ Rapid Control.

Blood pressure test

It is essential to keep your blood pressure under control, because high blood pressure is an increasingly common problem. Our professionals will measure your blood pressure and give you advice on how to control it. This service is completely free.


We work with leading global brands such as Boiron and Heel and, if you have any questions, our team will be able to help answer them.

Veterinary medicine

Any product you need to take care of your pet can also be found in our pharmacy. Because they deserve the best care too.

Infant care

Your baby needs special care, so we offer the safest, highest-quality products that are tailored to the different stages of life, of mother and baby alike. Enabling healthy development from birth. So we offer brands like Suavinex, Avent and Nuk, Isdin Baby, Seba Med Baby, Babe pediatric, Leti pediatric, Be+, Mustela and Weleda for their health. And Almiron, Nutriben, Blevit and Enfamil, among others, to offer them the best diet.

Body, intimate, oral and foot hygiene

In this section we offer you the best skin cleaning care, both for normal and atopic skin. So we have brands like Ph5 Eucerin, Seba Med, Leti AT4, Isdin and Neutrogena, among others. Cumlaude Lab, Germisidin, Melagyn and Leti fem, Paradontax are the brands we have for your intimate hygiene care. Having a healthy mouth is important for maintaining your overall wellness, so we work with a wide range of oral hygiene brands (Lacer, Vitis, Dentiblanc, Bexident, Sensodyne, Fluocaril, Oral B, etc.). And let’s not forget our feet. Dr School offers a wide range of products that look after your feet.

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