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Intimate hygiene

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NANOCARE INTIMATE Perfect Care Moisturizing cream-gel specially indicated for vaginal dryness. Nanocare Intimate Perfect Care provides firmness, elasticity and tones the intimate area, improving comfort and sexual pleasure
Sexual Health

Isdin Woman Lubricant 30 gr

Lubricant for the vaginal walls that improves the quality of sexual intercourse, by alleviating dryness.
Germisdin Calm Intimate... Germisdin Calm Intimate... 2
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Intimate hygiene

Germisdin Calm Intimate Hygiene 500ml

Gentle daily use gel formulated with Gynecalm, which helps relieve itching and irritation. Gently cleanses, refreshes and protects.
Intimate hygiene

Cumlaude External Moisturizing CLX 30ml

Stops dryness and irritation that may appear in the female genital area. Reduces redness and relieves itching produced in said area. 
Extra soft gel specially designed for intimate areas, offers comfort and protection and helps soothe irritations. The pack includes two units of Eucerin Intimate Hygiene 250ml.
Cumlaude Intimate Hygiene...
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Intimate hygiene

Cumlaude Intimate Hygiene Deligyn 500ml

Cumlaude Intimate Hygiene Deligyn 500ml facilitates the cleaning and hygiene of the intimate feminine area. By respecting the pH of this area, it avoids the appearance of irritations, discomfort and itching.
Cumlaude Gineseda Vaginal...
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Cumlaude Gineseda Vaginal Ovules 10x3.0g is a solution in ovules with which we will be able to relieve vaginal discomfort, helping to avoid possible inflammation of the intimate area.
Rilastil Cumlaude Rectal is a specific protective lipogel for the prevention and adjuvant treatment of internal and external hemorrhoids.
Intimate hygiene

Cumlaude Gynelaude Internal Moisturizer

Non-hormonal internal vaginal moisturizer, indicated to combat the symptoms of irritation, dryness and itching of the vaginal mucosa, as well as to facilitate sexual intercourse.
Intimate hygiene


A mild cleansing gel that can be private and hygienic every day. Contains German Chamomile and Propolis. Its formula is composed of 91% natural ingredients to maintain the natural pH and protect the area from imbalances.

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